10 Ecologically Friendly Date Ideas



You are indeed in love; your hearts are all for one another, but all you do is weaken them every other time when you want to be happy together. You want to take her to noisy clubs, cinema halls etc. Do something that is environmentally friendly for your couple, you will taste the difference. Below are 10 tasted ideas of how you can have an environmentally friendly date;

Play Board Games

When the roads are muddy and it is cold since it rained, have sometime home together. Stay in your house, play board games you enjoyed when you were a Kid, Games like ludo, draft , chess are great for a couple.

Visit a Craft Shop

You fear CPS for nothing, hey, that road has gold on it. Take time and visit the craft shops at that place. You will see amazing creations your couple had never imagined. You have good time touring your own city, but learning great tips to keep you happy. Better still; visit the national theatre shops on a Saturday afternoon.

Plant a Garden

You don’t need to plant a huge garden; it can be small in tins. Get those nice flowers you liked from childhood, plant them together and make it a point to take care of them together regularly.

Have Breakfast at Sunrise

How often do you get up and enjoy the sunrise? In Uganda, many people leave home early at 6 am and return late at 6pm daily. On a Saturday morning or public holiday, prepare breakfast for your loved one and get him/her from bed just to take it together out at the sunrise.  You’ll feel like you are on vacation in Bwindi Game Park!

Check out the Library or Bookshop

If you enjoy reading, watching still pictures, get sometime and visit a bookshop or library. You don’t need to go and buy. You can even read a whole book from Nakumat or Arisitoc for feel. A friend of mine told me, he has read more than 30 (500 pages) books from a bookshop in K’la for free! Why not have time together there with your love?

Visit a Prayer/Worship Place

This best works for couples that share a religion/belief, once in awhile, have time together, go into that church or mosque. Make your couple promises midst evident GOD presence. You will never lie to each other.

Go to a Kids Park

I know this sounds a little childish, but I mean it. Just make sure kids don’t find you at their play park. For instance, Uchumi has a good one around town. Don’t mind what other people think; play as long as you both like the idea. It is all at no cost to you.

Play Tourist in Your Own Suburb

Kampala is so small, but so congested, you need to know your place. Visit the different corners of Muyenga, Bwaise, Nansana, Buzinga wherever you stay. Make sure you do this on foot, you will learn more things you never knew about your residence and people.

Visit a Local Market

You can decide to visit Owino this week and go to Nakasero next week. Go visit those markets with second hand shoes, clothes, etc, even if that’s not your class. Just to learn and have fun seeing those people doing business. You can also visit a farmers market to buy some fruits, vegetables etc.

Go to a beach or Park

Almost everyone thinks of the beach first when they want to take their loved ones out. But this is specially for a couple to have good time and talk as they look at the amazing flowing water waves, eat fish and enjoy beach chips. You can also visit a game park once in a while.

With these 10 tips, you will have 10 weekends of your relationship well utilized, with lots of lessons.