Tanzania ICTC, HiPipo sign long term partnership.


The government of Tanzania has lauded HiPipo’s deliberate digital and financial inclusion efforts that continue to address longstanding disparities, close gender diversity gaps and advocate for equity for thousands of underserved and unserved populations across Africa.

As proof of its commendation of these digital and financial inclusion works, the government through the Tanzania Information and Communication Technologies Commission (ICTC) has signed a long-term partnership with HiPipo.

Dr Nkundwe Moses Mwasaga, the director general of the Tanzania ICTC noted that the partnership with HiPipo is timely as it tackles key issues such as limited awareness about technology solutions, knowledge gap and gender inequality.

To actualize this partnership, HiPipo has already rolled out its Include EveryOne program in Tanzania with a special focus on empowering and transforming Women, the Youth and millions in the Informal sector.

The #IncludeEveryOne program is a beacon of acceleration of FinTech Innovation, empowerment for Women in FinTech and a catalyst for investment and development in the ICT sector. This initiative is set to break new ground through research advisory, stakeholder collaboration, and capacity building for ICT professionals in Tanzania!

“We are ecstatic to announce that a pivotal agreement has been signed and sealed between HiPipo and the Tanzania Information and Communication Technologies Commission. This promising collaboration is aimed at expediting financial inclusion in Tanzania, under the renowned HiPipo Include Everyone Program, with the generous backing of the Gates Foundation,” Innocent Kawooya, the HiPipo CEO noted.

He added: “Through this agreement, expect a showcase of FinTech giants, Women in FinTech innovators, and burgeoning startups from Tanzania. The Include Everyone program activities operated globally by HiPipo will play a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion, driving economic growth, fostering ICT investment, advising stakeholders, and building a resilient, knowledgeable group of Digital Innovators and ICT Professionals in Tanzania.”

Furthermore, the Tanzanian government bestowed HiPipo with the Best Partner in Supporting ICT Innovation 2023 award during the 7th Tanzania Annual ICT Conference held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania recently.

“We are honoured to receive this appreciation from the government of the United Republic of Tanzania. Our dedication remains unwavering in advocating for digital innovation, FinTech Innovation, and Financial Inclusion,” Kawooya noted while receiving this award.

HiPipo is recognized as a premier advocate of digital Innovation and financial inclusion champion, a fervent proponent of the #LevelOneProject. HiPipo has been at the forefront, actively promoting digital innovation, Instant, Inclusive Payment Systems (IIPS), and DFS across Africa. With a legacy of advising, mobilizing, and facilitating the adoption of inclusive financial services, HiPipo’s efforts have been nothing short of transformative! For almost two decades, HiPipo has successfully facilitated the inclusive adoption of these crucial services.