Golola Moses Teams Up with My Doctor to Usher in a New Era of Healthcare in Uganda


In a move that is already being hailed as a game changer in Uganda’s health sector, My Doctor, a trailblazing telemedicine service provider, has announced a landmark partnership with none other than the national kickboxing icon, Golola Moses.

Known for his sporting prowess and larger-than-life persona, Moses will lend his considerable influence and popularity to My Doctor’s efforts to reach and serve over 100,000 users, specifically focusing on traditionally underserved communities. This alliance underscores the innovative ways My Doctor is striving to enhance accessibility, reduce costs, and improve the quality of healthcare across the country.

A significant part of this collaboration’s mandate involves bolstering healthcare services for women, who often face barriers in accessing necessary care. With Golola Moses as a powerful advocate, the initiative aims to break down these barriers and provide women with the tools and knowledge they need to take charge of their health. This empowerment is expected to have a profound and far-reaching impact, creating healthier outcomes for not only the women themselves but also their families and communities.

“Our alliance with Golola Moses is more than a partnership—it’s a statement. It’s about showing that healthcare is not a privilege, but a right, and we’re here to make that right accessible to all Ugandans. By harnessing the charisma of a national icon, we’re amplifying the impact and reach of our health initiatives.” Said, Sharon Nambozo, Business Development Officer at My Doctor.

Furthermore, maternal and child health is another area set to benefit immensely from this partnership. My Doctor’s comprehensive antenatal, pediatric, labor, and safe childbirth programs are already leading the way in this field, and the partnership with Moses promises to strengthen these services even further. By raising awareness and promoting these vital programs, the initiative intends to improve health outcomes for mothers and children across Uganda.

Notably, the partnership is also dedicated to fostering growth and improvement within the healthcare sector itself. By providing a structured program for future healthcare education and training, My Doctor and Golola are laying the groundwork for a better-equipped and more knowledgeable healthcare workforce. This is anticipated to lead to not only improved service provision but also a reduction in healthcare costs, benefiting patients and providers alike.

“As I join forces with My Doctor, we’re not just throwing punches at diseases—we’re aiming for a knockout. We’re fighting for every Ugandan’s right to quality healthcare. This partnership isn’t just about bringing healthcare to the people, it’s about changing lives and building a healthier, stronger nation.” Said, Golola Moses.

Beyond its immediate impacts, this partnership is also set to have a longer-term effect on Uganda’s economy. By reducing healthcare costs and improving the health of the population, the initiative is expected to contribute to increased workforce productivity, boosting Uganda’s economic prosperity.

In sum, this unprecedented collaboration between My Doctor and Golola Moses holds great promise for the future of healthcare in Uganda. As the country looks towards a future with more equitable and efficient healthcare provision, this partnership is certainly a step in the right direction. The prospect of leveraging the popularity and reach of a national icon like Moses to advance healthcare provision is both innovative and inspiring, and it signals a new chapter in Uganda’s healthcare narrative.