Women In FinTech Magazine January 2023 Edition #LevelOneProject


We are excited to share with you the Women In FinTech Magazine—January 2023 edition. A magazine that is solely dedicated to Women In FinTech.

These women have set an example for other women to follow. The Women In FinTech magazine increases the visibility of female leaders in the field and strengthens their connections to other participants. It also encourages more women to pursue careers as innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives in financial services.

It is a compilation of interviews, opinions—and many more elements. This includes an impressive list of 100 #WomenInFinTech. The list recognizes women leaders in FinTech who are solving sticky gaps and creating solutions within previously excluded, untapped or underrepresented markets.

We express our gratitude to Cyberplc Academy, INFITX, Crosslake Technologies, Mojaloop Foundation, #LevelOneProject and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their generous support.

We also appreciate the efforts of the team that worked hard to produce this magazine.

We believe you will share it widely too.

Tap Here to Read/Download the Women In FinTech Magazine January 2023 Edition #LevelOneProject.