Kiira Motors and Kalita Expeditions formalize relationship with KaCyber Technologies to ensure a green travel experience in Kampala


The pathway to the decarbonization of urban public transport will unequivocally contribute directly to the accomplishment of several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Such as the promotion of affordable and clean energy and sustainable cities and communities. Cognizant of the adverse effects of climate change on Uganda, KaCyber has prioritized partnerships that will bring positive impact to the climate change fight.

The introduction of KaCyber’s E-Ticketing and payment system to the country’s only Zero emissions transport provider brings great benefits to Kalita Expeditions bus operations in terms of better data collection to fully understand passenger travel patterns. It also makes boarding faster, easier and more efficient for drivers and passengers, especially women.

KaCyber’s Electronic Ticketing and Payment System is a unique opportunity to achieve sustainable mobility in Kampala. The partnership will see KaCyber Technologies provide electronic ticketing and payment services for the electric buses and manage the ticketing operations on the Kayoola EVS to ensure business transparency and organized revenue collection for the mass transit bus operations by Kalita Expeditions on different routes within Great Kampala Metropolitan (GKMA) region, and beyond.

“Together, KaCyber Technologies, Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) and Kalita Expeditions can help promote and decarbonize the Great Kampala Metropolitan (GKMA) in years to come. Since Kalita in partnership with Kiira Motors has introduced more environmentally friendly buses on our roads, we will greatly reduce harmful vehicular emissions that pose a health risk to all Ugandans.” – said Albert Akovuku, Director Production at Kiira Motors Corporation.

Albert further said the provision of Bus Ticketing Technology by KaCyber to run alongside the Kayoola EVS buses is a welcome business opportunity for purposes of improving operational efficiency. This will go a long way in improving services, increasing revenue and creation of jobs.

With a vision to build an inclusive and greener Uganda through automotive mobility, Kiira Motors has been a critical stakeholder in ensuring the advancement of electric cars that decarbonize the environment.

“While the challenges in the transportation sector might be many, we are happy to now have a technology partner with dexterity to organize us, and ensure that each stakeholder gets a fair share of their return on investment” reiterated Charles Baguma, the Managing Director Kalita Expeditions, the bus operator of the Kayoola EVS.

According to Innocent Orikiriiza, the Founder and Team Lead at KaCyber Technologies, this partnership forms part of the company’s strategy to promote a greener African transport ecosystem and contribute heavily to KaCyber’s vision of making sustainable and seamless mobility a reality in Africa.

“Working with like-minded partners like Kalita and Kiira Motors will help us achieve our ESG – sustainability goals. Through this partnership, we look forward to playing a driving role in green transport innovations in Uganda’’. said Innocent.

KaCyber will be a crucial partner in providing technologies to enable bus operators to improve their revenue collections and visualize their business on the go. It will also be a key collaborator in giving operational and technological feedback to bus owners and Kiira Motors. This will then ensure the integration of local content into the public transport ecosystem and value chain.