KaCyber Partnering with National Social Security Fund (NSSF), and the Mastercard Foundation to Offer New Answers to Uganda’s Public Transport Woes


KaCyber Technologies, Uganda’s leading homegrown mobility technology company, recently celebrated its sixth anniversary and at the same time, hit a milestone of 10 million travel bookings on trains and buses, valued at UGX 194 billion or about $54 million.

The company aims at making seamless mobility a reality across Africa and beyond. Due to its success to date, KaCyber was recently awarded a $20,000 (UGX 76 million) grant by NSSF Hi- Innovator towards efforts in creating over 132,000 jobs for youth and women during the next five years.

The Hi-Innovator Initiative of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation is supporting small and growing businesses by extending catalytic seed funding, building the capacity of entrepreneurship support organizations to provide quality technical assistance and working with financing institutions to unlock affordable patient capital so that they can become more competitive.

Outbox Uganda is the lead implementer of the program providing technical services to selected businesses like KaCyber Technologies and overseeing the implementation of this Innovation Fund Challenge.

KaCyber has piloted its award-winning digital ticketing and payment system with 12 transporters across Africa (including Uganda Railways, Link Bus Services, Star Link Transporters, Friends, KK Coaches, Highway Coaches, Malayika Transporters, Kalita Expeditions, Al-Azhar Transports among others).

Under the auspices of Stanbic Business Incubator, KaCyber is benefiting from valuable tailored technical support which has strengthened its ability to impact youth and particularly women in Uganda.

This partnership underpins KaCyber’s ability to offer a reliable digital mobility solution that creates confidence in the transport sector, increasing revenue for transporters and promoting greener journeys within public transport. The firm is also contributing to Kampala’s Smart City agenda being overseen by the Kampala Capital City Authority. The KaCyber team will create more opportunities for many youths and particularly women, through its tried and tested business model that demonstrates that is delivering value to their clients.

Ultimately, the positive impact of this partnership will cascade into a wider landscape with more transparency and accountability in Uganda’s transport sector.

For more information about KaCyber Technologies, visit www.kacyber.io