The value proposition, types of mass communication, and we bring in the ‘light’: #WomenInFinTech #LevelOneProject Incubator


The aspect of the Social Venture Business Model George discussed today was the value proposition. He described how it is 2-way: on one hand there’s the promise by the service provider to the client that what the former puts forth will be of value. And on the client’s side there is the belief that this value will be delivered, experienced and/or acquired. This’ important for the innovators, for it will always be necessary for them to understand what their clients need, and thus what is expected of them to deliver. Or provide value, you could say.

Continuing on mass communication, Francis defined and discussed three types of it: journalism, advertising and public relations. He illustrated the differences between the three, specifically how all might target the same individuals, but are expected to elicit different reactions.

Emma started his talks on the Fundamentals of Photography, first by getting the opinions of those in attendance on what they believe photography to be. Then in his own explanation, Emma stressed how light is central to the concept of photography. He next touched on what exposure is.

Referring to all that had been spoken, Innocent illustrated how HiPipo’s own initiatives and ventures, including 40 Days 40 FinTechs, the very Women-in-FinTech Hackathon the participants had been involved in, and indeed the ongoing Incubator itself, were run along many of the principles of the Social Venture Business Model. Proper execution of these initiatives needed careful application of various types of mass communication. And, of course, documentation was nothing without photography executed in a manner both skillful and timely.

Consideration of the above is what has helped HiPipo make tremendous headway in advocating for and promoting Same Day Settlement, and indeed The Level One Project in general. They should thus also matter to the participants as they set off on their entrepreneurial journey.