Damali Ssali donates books to Kampala schools to boost entrepreneurship skills



The Ideation Corner Founder and Author, Damali Ssali, has donated 650 copies of her book to three schools in Kampala in a bid to boost entrepreneurship skills among Uganda’s youth.

The schools that received these books are Kitebi Secondary School, Kansanga Seed School and St. Dennis Ssebugwawo Secondary School, Ggaba. Other books are to be donated to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) library for all people in Kampala to freely access them.

The IDEATION CORNER book, whose theme is “Ideas and Dreams Drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, seeks to inspire people, especially the youth, to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

Speaking at Kitebi Secondary School in Kampala, Ssali, a chartered Accountant by profession urged the students to pursue their dreams until they achieve their goals.

 “I used to have a lot of dreams when I was still young but I regret that there are certain dreams I killed in my mind myself. But if I had pursed them, you never know what would have happened,” Ssali said.

She added: “And I know it happens; someone gets an idea and they think it is too big to pursue, which is not true. I want to inspire you that unlike me who killed my dreams by myself in my head, that you pursue your dreams in whichever way you can to see them bear fruit.”

She, however, cautioned that achieving one’s dream does not come easy as there are challenges along the way which must be overcome.

“Entrepreneurship is not a straight journey; don’t give up on pursuing your dream. You will meet hurdles along the way but don’t give up because you have failed the first time. Simply learn from your mistakes and pursue your dream again,” she said.

She added: “In this book, entrepreneurs tell us their experiences in their entrepreneurial journey; how they dreamt, prayed and then worked to have their dreams fulfilled. Many failed many times but they still got up and pursued their dreams. So the Ideation Corner was to show that there are people in Uganda who are doing something in this challenging environment we are in. You too can still do something.”

 Ssali implored the students to read the book and to make use of whatever skills they have to start something, however small it could be, saying that entrepreneurship and innovation starts in one’s mind.

About the book

The IDEATION CORNER is a platform which showcases young African entrepreneurs who are doing something themselves; sharing their experiences on how they did it, the challenges faced along the way and how they overcame them.

Featuring 21 amazing stories by amazing African entrepreneurs, the ideation corner provides a platform to entrepreneurs, who are local heroes to showcase their concepts and be examples to youth aspiring to become entrepreneurs by pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

The Director Education and Social Services at the Kampala Capital City Authority, Juliet Namuddu applauded Ssali for the kind gesture, saying that she is a philanthropist who wants to give back to society.

“She has used her own money to give back to society. She wants to give back; I looked at her and said what do you mean you want to give us something for free? I was humbled by Damali’s kindness when she came to my office and told me she wanted to donate copies of her book to at least three schools in Kampala at no fee. This shows that she is a philanthropist because she has used her own money to give back to society,” Namuddu said.

She added: “Entrepreneurship is about anything; I bet you; you are going to go home at the end of this week with a lot of money in your pockets. So I encourage all of you to read this book and start anything during this holiday; you never know where it will take you.”

The Supervisor, Education and Social Services (KCCA) Rubaga Division Drake Mutahakana also encouraged the students to read the book and pick key lessons, saying that if the people in the book have been able to make it in entrepreneurship, even they can make it.

“I am grateful on behalf of the people of Rubaga to Ms. Damali Ssali for donating these books to among other schools Kitebi SS. This is a wonderful gift because one who gives you knowledge gives you wealth; so with this book, I am sure that you will be able to create a lot of wealth for yourselves because I believe you are going to get a lot of knowledge from there.” END.