Rockboom now served in 250ml can.


Hariss Media Team.

Famed for game changing and unprecedented innovations, Hariss International; the manufacturer of RIHAM has officially introduced a 250ml prestigious Rockboom oval can.

This is another market first for the Ugandan energy drinks sector and is part of the company’s commitment to fulfil and satisfy the aspirations of its ever growing clientele.

Different market surveys indicate that Rockboom is widely popular among youth and the mass market consumer segments across the country.

Philip Kotler, a renowned marketing author once said: “Customer is the KING in marketing.”

Therefore, in new age business, quality adherence and remaining relevant in the eyes of the consumer is the surest way to win over, later on retain the KING.

The 250ml can gives Rockboom’s ever growing consumer-base a chance to fashionably feel the positive energy. They can conveniently carry the oval can anywhere, anytime without losing either their cool or sense of style.

A 250ml prestigious can of Rockboom energy drink is available in all retail outlets, supermarkets, bars and restaurants countrywide at a recommended retail price of UGX 3,000. Consumers can buy a single can, a pack of six or a tray pack of 24 cans depending on their requirements and budget.

The 250ml oval can doesn’t in anyway affect the quality and taste of the energy drink as it remains the same product but now available in both a can and bottle form.

“Rockboom is highly demand, helps you stay awake, and motivates you on your worst days. It also boosts your mood and mind. Today, we are launching our premium packaging. The Rockboom 250ml prestigious oval can. This new packaging has been highly demanded by our consumers. The new packaging is accepted in supermarkets, bars, hotels and restaurants everywhere,” Chadi K. Ahmad, the Sales & Marketing Director for Hariss International noted.

Even so, the original Rockboom 320ml PET (plastic) bottle is still available throughout Uganda at a recommended retail price of UGX 2,000.

Six years of Positive Energy.

Rockboom is proudly celebrated as the first Ugandan made energy drink. It is made of a blend of caffeine and energy base for providing mental and physical stimulation.

Since its launch in 2013, Rockboom has remained the country’s energy drinks market leader, growing exponentially over the years.

People from different walks of life drink it, recommend it and also attest to its positive energy.

It is not only the most recognized energy drinks brand, but also the most people-centric.

Under the Rockboom flagship, Harris International has massively invested in youth and sports with generous contributions going to one of Africa’s most prolific sportsmen Golola Moses. The latest of such outstanding contributions is of Rockboom rewarding Golola Moses’ brand loyalty with a full furnished house. This is to be built next to his Talent Academy in Kawempe, with construction slated to start in coming months.

The company has also invested in kickboxing, motor rally, swimming, and basketball, among others.

From a bottle to an oval can, it remains the same positive energy that doesn’t only motivate you, but also absolutely improves your life. Ask Golola Moses for example!