#IncludeEveryone: 5 payment enablers nominated in #DIAA2019 Best Mobile Payment category.


In the days of our great grandparents, forefathers and mothers, barter trade was the mode of payment. This involved the exchange of goods and services for other goods and services.

Barter trade was replaced by ‘cash money’ that allowed people to pay for goods and services in cash. This revolutionized trade and business as someone would pay for the exact value of the product and service that she/he was purchasing.

Even though cash payments have been very popular, they continue to reduce by the day thanks to new solutions being introduced on the market.

Developed economies are largely cashless while developing countries like Uganda are equally heading that direction. www.cardguru.com defines a cashless economy as a financial environment that minimizes the use of physical cash by providing alternative channels for making payments and fosters a clean and digital economic culture. Under such a culture, people prefer electronic money and transactions to moving with hard cash.

This culture is fast growing in Uganda with hundreds of people now comfortable paying for goods and services using digital payments in addition to saving more in banks and mobile phones.

In the 2019 Digital Impact Awards Africa, five payment solutions are competing for the overall honour of best mobile payment. Listed not in any particular order, they are PESAPAL, Beyonic, Payway, MTN MoMopay, and Pebuu.

The overall winner for Best Mobile Payment will be determined by a Jury/Research Panel assessment and public survey/vote.

Under the theme #IncludeEveryone, Digital Impact Awards Africa is a platform that promotes Digital Inclusion, Financial Inclusion and Cybersecurity. Precisely; the Awards seek to recognize, celebrate and appreciate different individuals and organizations that are spearheading the use of digital mediums to better serve their communities.

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