Riham pumps millions in 2018 Nsenene Pizza Festival.


Our Reporter.

In a move aimed at promoting local recipes, Harris International, the manufacturers of Riham products has partnered with Signet World to bring to you the 2018 Pizza Festival, come Sunday, 9th December at Kyadondo Rugby club.
Dubbed Nsenene Pizza Festival, this ‘family day out’ event will have major Pizza production houses showcase over 10 different recipes among them the latest Nsenene Pizza.

While addressing the media at the pre-event presser, Rachael Luwedde, the public relations officer of Harris International Limited noted that Riham’s sponsorship of the Nsenene Pizza festival is part of its broad strategy of remaining true to Uganda through promoting, funding and partnering with local innovations.

“We are happy to support the Nsenene Pizza Festival. The Nsenene delicacy is one that brings a special feeling to those that love it. To many, it brings up great memories. But Sunday is not just about Nsenene as there will be other Pizza recipes on display. Importantly, the Pizza Festival will be a family day out. And where there is family, there is Riham thanks to our wide range of food and beverages products,” Ms. Luwedde noted.
Nsenene; called Grasshoppers or Ruspolia differens are a favorite delicacy in Uganda, mainly enjoyed with in Buganda/Central region. To many, Nsenene are their most beloved edible insects.

Harvesting of grasshoppers usually happens after the rains in the months of May, November and December. Because most Nsenene are harvested in November, the Baganda named this month ‘Omwezi Gwamusenene’ which when directly translated in English means the ‘month of grasshoppers’.

Hon Latif Ssebagala, the Kawempe North member of parliament, the area that is home to the two companies hosting the event noted that in order to positon Uganda as a unique and gifted destination, more effort needs to be channeled towards promoting local recipes and delicacies.

“The rolex is now a popular food because we gave it identity and promoted it globally. The same way we focused on rolex is the same way we should focus on other unique local delicacies such as Nsenene. I am very happy knowing that both companies that are spearheading this Nsenene Pizza festival come from the area I represent,” Hon Ssebagala said, adding;

“I can assure you that we shall do everything possible to promote Uganda. Nsenene has been here for years. Masaka district was initially the Nsenene main hub but lately Nsenene is all over the country. We now need to move to the next stage of preservation for long durations and exportation. This Nsenene Pizza festival is a value addition effort and we should do more in that direction.”

To be part of this event, revelers will pay UGX 10,000 per head while kids below 10 years will part with UGX 5,000 only.

About Harris International.
Hariss International Limited, commonly known as RIHAM is one of Uganda’s leading manufacturers of food and beverages. Since its inception in 2005 the production of both food and beverages have been operating under the brand name RIHAM. It currently operates a broad product portfolio comprising of Carbonated Soft Drinks, Natural Mineral Water, Juices, Malt & Energy Drinks, Premium & other biscuits.