Riham under Hariss International Limited Announces Litter Bin Recycling Project in Conjunction with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)


In a bid to enhance recycling and waste segregation, Hariss International Limited the manufacturers of the Riham Products have entered into a partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) where they will be providing Two Hundred and Seventy Five (275) Litter Bins to all KCCA schools, and division offices within Kampala District.
Hariss International Limited. has a strategic goal to sensitize the youth in Uganda on the importance of plastic recycling. Their aim is to grow and inhabit a culture of recycling among the youth right from an earlier stage. They will invest in awareness initiatives, and easy to learn teaching campaigns that can assist the youth to understand what to recycle, how to recycle, and where to recycle.

Hariss International Limited. believes in a spherical economy where recycled plastic bottles can not only be reused for various other purposes but where the act of recycling can also be used as an alternative source of income for our community and wealth creation for the nation.

They will be officially handing over the said litter bins to KCCA at Kawempe Church of Uganda Primary School on Monday, 19th November 2018.

“In order to grow a recycling culture within our nation it is quintessential for us to collectively set a foundation upon which recycling can actually be achieved. It would be somewhat pointless to request an individual to a recycle a plastic bottle when they have to walk over a mile to find a recycling point. Therefore we all have a responsibility not only as manufacturers but as citizens of Uganda, to see to it that we can ease access to recycling especially within schools where we are endeavoring to encourage the youth to inhabit a culture of environmental conservation.” Ms. Racheal Luwedde the Public Relations manager Hariss International Limited noted.
They anticipate to further grow such partnerships in collaboration with more local communities, municipals, and authorities across the country.