#FeedTheStreets Foundation excites hundreds of disabled Children in Masaka

Feed The Streets Foundation

#FeedTheStreets; A tale of a 36 years old Noelinah who has mothered hundreds in 20 years!

On 29th April, Feed the Streets visited Noelinah Nakaggwa and over 51 dependents that she takes care of.

A woman so kind that even when she is disabled, through her hands hundreds have been raised and restored. Many of those she takes care of were turned refugees in their own country, they were abandoned, denied, abused, beaten to a point of death simply because they are either deaf, lame #disabled! We stand together to fight for the freedom and well-being of refugees around the world!

Our mission is to reduce homelessness – one step at a time – firstly, through providing food and soul guidance to those most in need.

Feed The Streets is proudly supported by Mr. Rune Edvardsen, Bukenya UK, #Riham | Hariss International Limited, #Movit Products Limited,
HiPipo and Ugachick.