Vodafone unveils the Zaga ReMix

Manager, Youth Segment, Charlotte Tushabe (center) explains the Zaga ReMix offer to Segments Head, Roy Tumwizere (left) and Marketing Director, Progress Chisenga (Right). This was during the launch of the Zaga ReMix offer early this week at the Vodafone head office in Kololo. This new offer allows customers to enjoy bigger data deals as they get extra value for their money.

Vodafone has launched a fresh, attractive and exciting offer, the Zaga ReMix.

The new offer provides a chance for many to enjoy worry free browsing as they set and catch up with the current trends. Vodafone is giving the customer a free S.W.I.F.T bundle which empowers one to do the things they love on social media without worrying about using up their data meant for other browsing purposes.
The Zaga ReMix is a revamped model of the previous ZagaMix Mi-Fi that was launched early this year. The Zaga ReMix offer has been designed to empower customers to do more with their businesses, lifestyle and education through the internet.

Announcing Zaga ReMix at the Vodafone Head offices in Kololo, Roy Tumwizere, Head of Segments said, “As Vodafone, we envision success through technology and are ever evolving alongside our customers’ needs and trends. As a dynamic brand, we decided to develop a product that allows our customers to enjoy bigger exciting deals at the same price.”

Customers who buy the Vodafone Mi-Fi will access 4GB free data valid for 30 days and a 2GB S.W.I.F.T bundle (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) also valid for 30 days. The customer will also receive a 1GB weekly bonus bundle for 3 months as long as they have a running monthly bundle.

Vodafone is providing extra value to customers with this offer since they get to enjoy guaranteed benefits for a whole quarter in a year. To top this, Vodafone has introduced an exciting member get member offer for customers dubbed “My data threesome.” Any customer that has been with Vodafone for at least four months is privileged to get 1GB free immediately the three people they have recommended get on board. Either by buying the Zaga ReMix Mi-Fi or Vodafone SME router. In addition to that, they also get a 40% bonus every time each of the three friends top up for the next 6 months.

Vodafone has taken a deliberate initiative to interact with its customers through social media, customer surveys, through market storms among others. It is through such interaction that Vodafone gets feedback from customers, which is then used to design the needed products and promotions. The Zaga ReMix is one such offer ensuing from this initiative.

This is not the last amazing offer to be launched this year as Vodafone plans to release even bigger offers on the market as the festive season approaches so keep on the watch.