Digital Financial Services is Key! #DIAA2017 Digital Brand of the Year nominees reviewed!


Digital Impact Awards Africa #DIAA2017 conducted research in which companies were assessed for their digital embrace and innovation. 6 companies emerged as the finalists with a Digital Index score between 2.81 and 3.92 out of 5 and thus are the leading contenders for “Digital Brand of the Year”.

While congratulating this year’s Digital Brand of the Year nominees on this achievement, Hon. Karubanga David (State Minister for Public Service and Member of Parliament for Kigorobya) noted that “Innovation, Use of Digital Financial Services, Promotion of Financial Literacy, Consumer Protection, and Good Cybersecurity Practice are key attributes of leading organizations. If these organizations continue to effectively deliver digital services and promote financial inclusion, they would sustainably contribute to the NRM government Operation Wealth Creation campaign.”

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