Malakai Eco Lodge: A Get Away From the City


If you are the kind of person who has a hectic schedule and are looking to get away from the city, Malakai Eco Lodge is the place for you. Located on Entebbe road in Kitende not too far from the city, it could take approximately 40 minutes to get there with traffic However, on a traffic less day you could get there in 20 minutes. It greets you with a quiet and serene environment and is filled with nature for those that love to take in great scenery. The air is fresh and instantly you forget about all your work, social and personal woes.

The Jumia Travel team had the amazing pleasure of experiencing this gorgeous spot first hand and it’s definitely a place worth visiting in Kampala. Immediately you walk in, there is an aisle that leads you to the different cozy areas. It leaves you spoilt for choice with African themed décor and greatly curved, Ugandan made furniture. There is also a petting zoo something that would intrigue the kids making Malakai Eco Lodge family friendly. The zoo has different birds like parrots, chicken, guinea fowl, pigeons and doves, small cute little creatures like rabbits, hamsters and squirrels can be seen here as well. By night it is an amazing paradise, lit up with bulbs that are fixed in old wine bottles giving them a different effect depending on the colour of the bottle, it is clear that creativity really is a big consideration in the detail of Malakai’s general appearance.

Depending on whether you want to stay for a day or a night, there are several activities to keep you busy. If you want to relax and just take in the great ambience, have a meal and order drinks, the menu offers several options including stir fry, different pork dishes, fish, chicken, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas and delicious desserts in a beautifully set up dining area.

While on the subject of creativity, Malakai has several different rooms depending on what feel you would require while on your mini holiday/ vacation. With a current total of 12 rooms, one is spoilt for choice as all the rooms have a unique feature about them that stands out and leaves you gaping in awe. The golden snail which is a popular pick gives you an amazon feel, with beautiful stone walls and a great open space. The other rooms include The Pebble House, Butterfly House, Light House, Island which are two rooms built on top of water giving you that actual island feeling, Pond House, the Volcanic Hut, Tree House as well as the blue room, true to its name all draped in blue is for the more corporate class that are on a business trip; but its sophistication and yet simplicity makes it stand out and could appeal to even those simply on holiday. There are also poolside rooms for those that love to swim among the options.

If it is a family trip where Mum, Dad and the kids are involved, they have got you covered as well with the family room which is two storied with beds downstairs and upstairs and has a proper home setting with a dining area and a small lounge as well. In all, Malakai Eco Lodge is one of Kampala’s secret jewels and promises to be quite the getaway everyone will be heading to in no time. According to the proprietor Mrs. Janet Audreast, several people have already visited from around the country as well as abroad and continuously get shocked at how breathtaking this beautiful place in the middle of Kitende is. “We expect to be fully booked once people discover how easy it is to get a break from the city while at Malakai”, says Janet.
Don’t be left behind, if you are looking for serenity and calm for a few hours or even a few days, this is exactly what you need. Currently available on the Jumia Travel site, Malakai Eco Lodge is a place to check out as soon as possible. Get in on the secret!

Stay Adventurous,

Cynthia Tumwine.
The writer is the PR Manager at Jumia Travel Uganda