More Data, Less Cost! MTN Makes Changes to Data Rates


MTN is committed to ensure that everyone in Uganda has access to the Internet. MTN is doing this through several interventions like investing in faster technologies, increasing and improving data coverage across the country plus providing affordable data handsets among others. In the same effort, MTN have revised data rates, providing more value to customers and ensuring that data becomes more affordable to ALL Ugandans.

The changes to MTN data rates mean that in some cases, MTN have given more MBs for the same price or have reduced rates especially the daily data bundles that are used by the majority of MTN customers. MTN have also consolidated offers by eliminating some bundles and  increasing the volume of MBs in others.

The changes also see an 83% reduction in per KB rate from 0.3/- per KB to 0.05/- per KB (charged in increments of 10KB). Despite the  adjustments, and in some cases, increases in  monthly, quarterly and social media bundles, these changes are meant to increase affordability and access to the Internet for the majority of Ugandans who would prefer to pay for only what they use or can only afford smaller bundles for the day.

Access to the Internet is a human right and MTN is making every effort to ensure that right is exercised by as many more Ugandans as possible.