Five Reasons why more Online Betters are using BETPAWA Uganda.

Recent BETPAWA UG 43 million winner poses with his cheque and BetPawa staff

Solo Dre.

The online betting revolution continues to gain momentum across Uganda. Each passing day, more Ugandans with love and passion for sport are using online betting sites to place their bets and try their luck. But that is not all. Lately, even those less or not passionate about Sport but with some extra income to spend are investing such money and time in online betting.

Unlike in the previous years when betting was only possible through visiting a betting vendor/shop, today you can easily place your bets from the comfort of your home, office or popular hangout. All you need is to register with a preferred online betting company, deposit some money on your betting account using mobile money and get started. With this, you have a chance to win a great fortune one day. For instance, while using BETPAWA, a stake of UGX 1 shilling on a maximum of 30 matches’ selection can earn you a payout of up to UGX 50 million.

In the past few weeks, I have interacted with online betters and they told me why they continue to prefer BETPAWA not other online betters. Below are the five reasons they shared with me.

Direct, easy to use and updated website. Many of those talked too noted that BETPAWA Uganda has a direct, easy to use and updated website. While its site design is not the most artistic, it functions very well. You can easily locate fixtures and any other urgent information in no time. As such, more online betters are opting for BETPAWA because the website is easy to navigate; saving time all the time.

Lucrative BET Odds. BET Odds are literally what one will win after placing a bet. For instance if a victory for SC Villa has an odd of 5.5 and you bet with UGX 10,000 in favor of SC Villa, you will win UGX 55,000. Many talked to found the BETPAWA odds well paying.

Live Match/Games Betting. This is the real game changer. Regardless of where you are, you can place an online bet with BETPAWA on a game that is already underway. As such, you can wait for game to start BEFORE placing your BET/s. But still even when you have a change of mind when the games are already underway, you can easily place a new receipt.

Freebets for first time Betters. For all first time betters, there is a free-bet. It gives you a chance to freely get started. And if you have your ‘lucky charm’ , you can win reasonable money from you freebet which you can later use to place more bets and increase your chances of winning millions.

Winners’ Payments made within 24 hours. This last one seals it all. Usually betters and for this case online betters are interested in having their payments as soon as they win. BETPAWA makes sure that all winners are paid within 24 hours after the games. Payments can be cash, cheque or wired to winner’s account. Whatever way the winner wishes to go, his/her money is paid with in one day.

Previous BetPawa winner with his 30 million cheque.
Previous BetPawa winner with his 30 million cheque.