Youtube will come to TV in Africa!




First  has been telecoms offering 3.75G, wireless routers, and wow LTE technology is setting ground as recently stated by MTN Uganda and other ISPs for which 4G is the near future.  The implication of this is that we shall soon start seeing more wi-fi connected homes for the upper middle class of Africa.

On the other side of the technology spectrum, we have seen Samsung “step Into the future of TV” promotions where Samsung is offering smart TV and soon as tech evolves, YouTube will be permanent citizen on TV.  TV makers are eager to help YouTube with a number of sets launching at  Computer Electronics Show  CES 2013  Las Vega  including sets from Bang & Olufsen, LG, Panasonic and Sony offering YouTube video service’s recently launched “send to TV” feature (Mashable).

Putting it in Uganda context, Uganda may be a few years away from seeing YouTube on TV on large scale but not so far away. As long as our data speeds and the reliability of telecom services keeps  getting  better, we shall expect more affordable data  rates and the rest of the players such as the device (TV) manufacturers, application developers will play their role  and boom: YouTube will be on Your TV.

Still there will be challenges of video quality which challenge will hopefully be averted with more intelligent applications that could switch to available HD if devices such as TV are connected to your YouTube experience.