Window 8, Coming to the tablets



Tablets running windows 8 are slated to arrive on market in 2012. There will be 4 versions of windows 8 with one of the biggest difference being if they run on ARM processors or Intel processors. Versions for Intel are Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise. Windows RT is the official name for the version designed to run on low-powered ARM processors, which are used in a lot of tablets today.

Entry-level Windows 8 tablets are expected to be under $300 and high-end models, with specs comparable to the latest iPad will cost around $1,000 which pricing will enable Microsoft to compete the iPad and Android tablets. The flexible pricing is good for developing market where more affordable tablets devices are needed.


According to Windows for ARM, now called Windows RT, will run a special version of Office, designed for touchscreens. It won’t run older Windows apps. App developers have an option to write one new app that will work on both Intel and ARM versions of Windows 8.


Windows 8 will come with a bunch of pre-installed apps including mail, calendar and links to its cloud SkyDrive which includes freebie cloud versions of things like Word, Excel, PowerPoint.  The rest of the Windows 8 apps will be found on Microsoft’s app store.

Intel expects the first crop of Windows 8 tablets to have 9 hours of battery life, and expects them to come in two form factors: a 10-inch regular tablet, and an 11-inch “convertible” that turns into a regular laptop computer with keyboard. 

Other specs: less than 1.5 pounds (like the iPad), 9mm, includes near-field communications which can be used for wallet-like payment apps, will use WiFi Direct to let them connect to each other in addition to a WiFi network.