Wako; Cervical Cancer Movie Premiered



Brian Tebukooza

The movie industry in Uganda is evolving to greater heights day by day with its overwhelming and enthusiastic production sweeping away theatrics that were prominent in the 80’s and 90’s. This was proved right on 1st October at Theatre Labonita when the award winning movie in the Arusha Film Festival 2015 “Wako” was premiered.

The red-carpet event that started at 6pm had prominent faces in the arts industry like Sam Bagenda, Mariam Ndagire, Yoyo, Saava Karim come to witness the movie about cervical cancer awareness being premiered. Screening of the movie started at 8pm and the theatre was filled with laughter and excitement due to the unpredictable setting and production with amazing scenes throughout the show.

The movie cast was invited to the stage at the climax of the screening followed by Sam Bagenda of the Ebonies and the guest of honor, Freeman. M. Ajumebon from Nigeria. Sam praised the producers of Wako, Zziwa Aaron and Natuhwera Brighton for their efforts made to put together such an amazing artistic piece.

“Uganda’s movie industry is growing at a rate faster than the Nigeria’s.” Freeman said. He then took a copy of the movie at 2m and congratulated the cast and the producers for a great movie that goes beyond entertainment circles crossing to the educative world too.

Zziwa Aaron Alone and Natuhwera Brighton the producers of Wako credited the movie cast for their endless support and hard work to see it a success.
“We are to have a country tour to Gulu, Jinja, Mbale, Masaka and Mbarara.” Brighton said. The tour is aimed at creating cervical cancer awareness in Uganda.