Ugandan wins Google App Developer Challenge


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A former graduate student in Bachelors of Computer Science at Makerere University, has won the Google Apps Developer Challenge for the Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun category in Sub-Saharan Africa.
24 year old, Caesar Mukama won the award for an app he created called Dextop,a web application that mimics a normal computer. A user simply logs into Dextop on the internet and it creates a perception of a computer but in fact, everything that he/she does is stored on his/her Google account on the internet.
Developers across the world participated in the Google App Developer Challenge where participants developed apps by using Google tools such as Google app engine and various API’s.
The entries were divided into six categories. They included Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa, India, SouthEast Asia, Latin America, United States, Europe and rest of world.
“ Winning this award has built me in ways I can’t describe, while other teams in the competition had five or six members, I designed, developed and publicized Dextop alone. I now feel that I can take on any challenge and complete it according to plan and on time” Caesar said.
Caesar also won 20,000 US Dollar cash prize from Google,the freelance software designer says that he is currently working on the next version of Dextop  and is planning on releasing a marketplace application by Christmas.
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