Survey names Charles Mbire richest Indigenous Ugandan



The latest survey published by an online news site has named Dr. Charles Mbire as the richest native Ugandan alive today among a list of 10 most loaded Ugandans. The list dominated by Ugandans of Indian Origin, noted that Mbire, an astute and trustworthy Businessman, is estimated to be worth over US$ 350 million (Ushs 1.1 trillion).

Mbire who hails from the South Western Kigezi region has made his fortune from investments in telecommunication, Finance, Energy, Oil, real estate, Pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, Cement and transport among other interests.

Mbire comes fifth in the list which placed property mogul Sudhir Ruperelia whose wealth is estimated at a whooping US $ 1.2 billion on top followed by Hotelier Karim Harji with estimated worth at US$ 750 Million. Alykhan Karmali popularly known as Mukwano and Muhamad Hamid, the founder of Aya group came third and fourth place with estimated worth of US$ 700 million and US$ 400 Million respectively.

Other native Ugandans on the list includes little known Ugandan by the names of Aaron Mukasa whose investments are in Banking and media and Gordon Wavamuno, taking seventh and 8th place respectively behind Sikandar Lalan, the proprietor of Roofings who took sixth place with net worth of US$ 300 million. Mukwaya’s wealth is estimated at US $ 200 Million while Wava owns up US$ 100 million.

Mukesh Shukla the owner of Shumuk group of companies and Patrick Bitature another native Ugandan takes the nineth and tenth positions respectively with estimated worth of US$ 100 million each. Bitature is the Chairman of Simba Telecoms limited among other interests.