Shocking! Kenyan Dude Gets Stuck into Another Man’s Wife


Much as apparently married men habitually cheat on their wives, they are tired of being cheated on by their wives. They are actually planning all sorts of things to do in order to stop men from playing with what lawfully belongs to them.

If you have had of it as a legend, or false story, once in a life time, a Kenyan man got stuck in another man’s wife, right in front of press cameras and a huge gathering of people.
Looking so confused and guilty, the man and woman by were rescued by the police for the mass gathering of Kenyans ready to see them live and do something about this act.
According to sources, this might have happened because of witch craft set by the husband of the cheating woman in attempt to catch her live. And indeed he caught them red handed.
The cheating couple was finally saved by a man of GOD ‘Pastor’, who it only took a few minutes of prayer to send away the demonic powers and free the cheats from this shame.
This can happen anywhere, stop cheating on your loved ones; it can happen to you as well. Watch video below !