Sheraton Kampala Hotel serves Iftar to over 350 children during Ramadan.



On Saturday 4th July 2015 at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, 350 Muslim children from 4 different schools from in and around Kampala were treated to Iftar by Sheraton Kampala Hotel. After a session of fun and games in the Hotel gardens followed by prayers, the children feasted on an array of specially prepared food and by the highly qualified Sheraton Kampala chefs.

“Children will be the new leaders of this nation and at Sheraton Kampala Hotel we believe this is true. We organized this children’s Iftar because we believe it is part of our responsibility to give back to the community in any way we can. By hosting these events we trust that we are instilling a sense of community and a culture of giving in our young children.

Sheraton being one of the most recognized hospitality providers in Uganda we recognized that this initiative is in sync with our core values of “creating a warm, connected community” and we believe it’s a noble cause considering a lot of these children come from difficult economic situations and require the support of the entire community to grow”. Said Sheraton Kampala’s Marketing Director Jenifer Musiime.

Sheraton has been serving Iftar to Muslim orphans from Kampala and neighbouring areas during Ramadan for over 5 years and this is as a give back to society. This is as part of their CSR program and every year they host and feed more than 350 children during Ramadan.

Sheraton being recently announced as one of the top three five star hotels in Uganda, it didn’t disappoint with the food and service they provided to the children and the invited guests.

We are very happy to always have this gathering because it makes us feel proud when we see these children smile and happy. We are shall continue giving the best service to our customers and we encourage everyone to come and experience our services. Concluded Jenifer.