SAMSUNG presents its 3rd generation air conditioning system



Samsung Electronics East Africa presented its 3rd generation of DVM S (Digital Variable Multi System) air conditioning systems for large buildings during the upcoming regional System AC Conference that was held in Kampala on 15th March 2014.

The global electronics giant showcased its highly innovative system that adopts the new 3rd generation SSC (Samsung Scroll Compressor) technology that provides world class energy efficiency and the most powerful cooling and heating performance to the attendants of the conference that brought together engineering consultants, architects and contractors across the region.

While announcing this, Samsung Electronics East Africa’s Vice President, Robert Ngeru said, “We are showcasing our ability to innovatively use technology to ease life and improve energy efficiency through the new 3rd generation air conditioning system that caters to all building types”.

“Unlike the conventional system composed of inverter and fixed compressors where one compressor operates longer than the other resulting in one compressor wearing down faster; the DVMS air conditioning systems ensures better stability than conventional air cooling systems, fitted with the DSI (Dual Smart Inverter) the system automatically responds to subtle indoor load changes, which allows you to save on energy costs”, said Ngeru.

Apart from the dual inverter compressors and an upgraded vapor injection system which surpasses the performance of previous versions of the system, Samsung’s new 3rd generation technology comes with the Dual Smart Inverter that runs the compressors simultaneously ensuring balanced oil distribution, quicker cooling, heating and better energy efficiency.

The upgraded vapor injection system within the compressor increases the refrigerant flow rate by 20% compared to the conventional products; using refrigerant cooling system, DVM S ensures better stability than conventional air conditioning systems.

The event concluded with a raffle draw where Eriaku Martin of Unikool Technical services won a 32” LED TV.