Photos ~ Vincent Sekyanzi Wins the MTN We Believe Video Contest



Medkimbugwe [at]

Vincent Senkyanzi, the winner of the ‘We Believe’ Video Contest has today the 25th of September 2013 received his 10,000,000 shillings cheque from MTN CMO Ernst Fonternel. Ten million shillings is the prize money that MTN Uganda had staked for the contest.

Some time back, MTN Uganda organized a contest that saw creative Ugandans direct music videos for the “We Believe” song. I personally fell in love with the whole idea, simply because there are so many creative Ugandans who, if given the opportunity, can produce astounding results.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch Vincent Sekyanzi’s video and I was so impressed. Even when it is visibly obvious that it was a small budget video, this guy had a very amazing concept. I even imagined that given a slightly bigger budget and a more experienced cast, this man could make an even bigger and better video.

First and foremost, Vincent Sekyanzi’s video captures the Ugandan spirit. I see a young man running along the Northern by-pass all the way to Namboole to watch a game of soccer. I see Ugandans playing soccer on a typical Ugandan football pitch, but above all; I see ordinary Ugandans in a market and on a Boda Boda.

That is exactly what the video of such a song is supposed to capture; the Ugandan spirit. It is not about swag but a video that gives the typical Ugandan feel on a day the Uganda cranes have a match at Namboole.

Vincent’s video is out door and uses a hundred percent natural light. The girl who renders the song does it so passionately and the entire video gives you a raw Ugandan feel. Vincent most definitely nailed it. He coupled the smallness of means with the greatness of purpose to make an awesome video.

I therefore appeal to MTN to give creative Ugandans the chance to take part in other ventures, including coming up with concepts for MTN commercials.