Multichoice Uganda Unveils the DStv Zapper Decoder



MultiChoice Uganda’s leading pay television provider today unveiled its latest HD decoder product with the launch of its first single view High Definition HD decoder, the DStv Zapper. The new decoder which delivers the very best high quality picture and sound quality available on the market will replace the existing standard definition single view decoder which is being phased out.

“The launch of the Zapper bears testament to our continued investment in technology as a tool for providing our subscribers with the very best television viewing experience in Africa said Brian Muwonge Marketing Manager DStv Uganda.

The decoder only will be at UGX 160,000 only however the full kit is at UGX 309,000 which is very affordable for a decoder of its quality. He stated ‘the DStv Zapper will guarantee a lot more subscribers have the possibility of accessing DStv’s ever expanding HD channel offering which currently includes sports, movie, documentary and news channels”. High definition creates a far superior television viewing experience in terms of picture quality and the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound adds a new dimension to the audio experience. The DStv HD Decoder will open up a whole new world for many DStv subscribers.”

Speaking about some of the functionalities and features Ronald Ogwal MultiChoice Uganda’s Customer Service Representative compared The DStv Zappers user interface as similar to the DStv Explora, “most functions can be performed from DStv Central, accessed through the blue DStv button on the remote control. This user interface makes for easier navigation through the HD menus and helps customers discover great DStv content available via multiple search options directly from the remote control”.

Talking about some of the optional extra’s he noted that the Zapper is XtraView capable meaning it can be paired with selected XtraView compatible decoders (excluding the SD PVR), allowing a cost effective and flexible option for clients who wish to enjoy dual viewing environments.

In conclusion Brian Muwonge encouraged Ugandans to purchase the Zapper decoder in the build up to the digital migration which is scheduled to take place in June this year because “HD television represents the best picture and audio format currently available and as such it is a natural promoter of the migration which will result in an overall improvement in the quality of television globally”. “This is the reason MultiChoice has been championing its widespread uptake in Uganda and the rest of the continent” He added. .

The DStv HD Decoder is currently available at all MultiChoice offices, dealers and agents throughout Uganda and will cost UGX 160,000 for the decoder only.


  1. MultiChoice Uganda has launched its latest single view HD decoder, called DSTV Zapper. It will replace the existing, standard definition (SD) decoder, which is being phased out. Bryan Muwonge, the marketing manager MutiChoice, said the new product is one of MultiChoice s ways to prepare for digital migration. He said that customers would view a better picture with the new product. The decoder sells for UGX 160,000 while a full kit is priced at UGX 309,000.

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