MTN Uganda’s seasonal traffic boosts



As 2014 kicked off, MTN Uganda recorded high activity from its customer base seen through the increase in voice calls, SMS activity as well as Data and Mobile Money transaction volumes as compared to the same period last year.

Figures were compared for the festive period (2012 & 2013) December 24th to 1st January. SMS traffic person to person increased by 1 million transactions Year on Year from 14 million to 15 million. This shows that Ugandans continue to embrace SMS as an alternative way to stay in touch.

Social Media continues to be a key focus area for MTN Uganda as we deliver a bold, new Digital World to our customers. Using social media for business today is as important as learning how to use email for business 15 years ago. MTN Uganda’s Facebook and Twitter pages have set a national record becoming the fastest growing and most popular social media pages in Uganda having the largest number of fans. By the end of 2013, the number of Facebook followers on the MTN Uganda page exceeded 210,000 maintaining the position of number one Corporate Brand with the largest following in Uganda. MTN has also used Twitter as an effective channel to communicate with its customers and respond to their queries in Uganda. It has also recorded a growing number of views on its YouTube site. To attest this success, in November, MTN Uganda won the prize for best Corporate in the first Social Media awards held in Uganda.

MTN customers are also talking more. MTN recorded a 10% rise in voice calls during the festive season. MTN Uganda’s successful promotion ‘Goood Mooorning Uganda’ has given its customers an opportunity to receive one free minute, every day, from 6am to 9am to call their friends on the MTN network. The success of this promotion shows that MTN customers welcome this opportunity to get in touch with their loved ones. “An early call can start it all, and that’s just what Ugandans have learnt to appreciate this festive season,” said Ernst Fonternel, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Uganda.

“These figures show that our customers were able to communicate with their loved ones during the festive season as well as ably carry out their financial transactions on the MTN network at this important time of year. We are glad to be a reliable partner for this activity,” said Fonternel.

MTN Mobile Money remains the fastest growing product in Uganda with more than five million registered users each transacting on average six times a month. The popularity and growth of MTN Mobile Money has created more than 100,000 jobs for Ugandans and increased financial inclusion of the unbanked. MTN customers have continued using the Bill payment channels to pay their Electricity and Water bills through MTN Mobile Money. Overall figures indicate that more than 85% of the mobile bill payment collections in Uganda are made through the MTN Mobile Money platform.

In terms of its Data portfolio, MTN Uganda recorded a significant increase in terms of volumes during the festive period. MTN’s customers consumed more than 112 Terabytes worth of internet downloads and uploads during December 2013 alone which increased by 133% compared to December 2012. This growth was brought about by the value that MTN offers to their customers, increased speeds and improved 3G coverage with more than 400 Sites delivering up to 42Mbps speed as well as a comprehensive suite of Data devices, packages and bundles.

“In 2013, MTN Uganda was the first in the market to introduce WiFi Hotspots, 42Mbps and 4G LTE. We also provide our customers with 15MB worth of Free Internet every month and we are constantly reaching out to our customers through various activations and great device deals,” Fonternel said.

Fonternel added that following these trends, 2014 should be another largely successful year evidenced by the increase in activity on voice, SMS and data transactions on the MTN Network during the festive season and into the New Year.  

In terms of Network Infrastructure, MTN continues to lead the way in terms of investment and its commitment to development of the ICT sector. During 2014, MTN has secured USD 60 million as additional investment to expand its Infrastructure and Services and this will be added to the USD 150 million invested during the last 2 years.

MTN’s vision is to lead the delivery of a bold, new Digital World to our customers. As we continue to fulfill this promise we remain committed to continue to improve the lives of Ugandans by consistently fulfilling our promise to provide consistent service and the best customer experience.

“Our focus as a business is to provide superior customer experience and relevant products and services that suit the needs of our customers. Going forward we will ensure that we continue to remain relevant to our growing customer base through innovation and dedicated customer service. MTN will work extensively with all existing and new licensed operating telecom providers to develop the ICT agenda of Uganda,” Fonternel concluded.

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