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MTN Uganda re-launches MTN Zone


Kampala, Uganda – 20th November, 2012

MTN Uganda re-launches MTN Zone with new discount offers for customers starting this Festive Season.
MTN Uganda has re-launched MTN Zone with its dynamic discounts of up to 99% and a minimum guaranteed discount of 5% on MTN calls.
This new offer on MTN Zone is themed ‘Save more to do things you love’.  As MTN customers get into the festive season, this will give them an opportunity to stay in touch with their loved ones.
MTN customers who have opted into MTN Zone will be eligible to save as much as 99% on their local calls. Customers can activate Cell Broadcast which will enable them to constantly see the discounts on offer at their specific location. They will also be notified of the percentage discount they will receive at the point they are initiating a call. The minimum guaranteed discount offered on any MTN call will be 5% and therefore customer savings are guaranteed.
To enjoy the benefits that MTN Zone offer, an MTN customer can simply dial*135*1# once-off to activate MTN Zone. MTN Zone discounts apply to voice calls.
“MTN Zone has continued to be a great success for MTN. Over 60% of our customers are on MTN Zone and this number has been steadily growing since its launch in 2008,” said MTN Chief Marketing Officer Ernst Fonternel.
MTN Zone remains the best offer in the market as customers are able to enjoy various discounts 24 hours a day and every day of the week.
Over the last 14 years, since the first mobile call was made on the MTN Uganda network, we have seen the number of our subscribers to our services rise to over 7.4 million. Another noteworthy service that has powered this growth in our numbers is MTN Mobile Money that continues to revolutionize the way people live their lives and do business in Uganda. Of the more than 7.4 million customers MTN Uganda has today, more than 3.2 million are registered on MTN Mobile Money.
Recently, MTN Uganda launched a new data and switching centre at Mutundwe to support its growing customer base – this is on top of other regional switching centres in the East, West, North and Central regions of the country. The Mutundwe Switch currently serves 50% of the western region and will be grown to serve 50% of the entire network and population. Currently the equipment in Mutundwe parents 60 Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs) and will be grown to serve 543 out of a total of 1085 BTSs. In 2013, there are plans to install and commission an earth station at Mutundwe providing additional resilience for international traffic.
“This investment is aimed at providing our customers with the best possible user experience across the Country. We are happy that with these developments we shall now be able to (among others) provide our customers with world-class data services that promise speed, convenience, coverage and affordability,” concluded Fonternel.


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