MTN Uganda ensures that Businesses are never offline with its ‘Guaranteed Connectivity’



MTN Uganda is the only service provider that offers Internet geographical redundancy by providing three Internet Uplinks that guarantee business continuity for its customers. This means that whether there is a Local Fiber cut within Uganda or a Fiber cut in Kenya or Rwanda, or an undersea cable cut, MTN can use an alternative route to still provide its customers with World-class Internet.

The MTN Chief Marketing Officer, Ernst Fonternel said, “Network downtime for Enterprises usually results in significant revenue losses, but this can be avoided by using MTN’s Connectivity to ensure that Customers and their Businesses are never offline. With scalable, customized solutions, MTN Business is positioned to make small business bigger and big business better.Your business is never offline with MTN”.

As part of its deliberate investments to ensure reliability in service, MTN Uganda has consistently invested in its Network rollout and Infrastructure development to ensure that its customers are able to enjoy a seamless service; both MTN voice and data services.

In February 2013, MTN officially commissioned its Fibre network at Katuna Border in Kabale district. The commissioning of the fibre at Katuna was a major development which has had a positive impact on Uganda’s ICT Roadmap. This landmark development was the first terrestrial link to Rwanda that was earmarked to greatly lower cost and significantly improve quality of communications services in the region. It has since substantially improved the connectivity with neighboring countries and the world by connecting Uganda to an additional submarine cable SAT-3 to Rwanda via the Tanzania route from Dar es Salaam.

This is in addition to the other two cables already connected through the Kenya route from Mombasa which provide Uganda with unique redundancy and a backup structure for secured and reliable connectivity while providing quality voice and data services. This important development is in line with MTN Uganda’s commitment of leading innovation in the market and in the region as a whole.

MTN Uganda continues to be the pioneer of innovation by rolling out products and services to suit the needs of its customers.

Fonternel said “In 2013, MTN Uganda was the first in the market to introduce WiFi Hotspots, 42Mbps and 4G LTE. We also provide our customers with 15MB worth of Free Internet every month and we are constantly reaching out to our customers through various activations and great device deals”.

In terms of Network Infrastructure, MTN continues to lead the way in terms of investment and its commitment to development of the ICT sector. MTN has secured USD 60 million as additional investment in 2014 to expand its Infrastructure and Services and this will be added to the USD 150 million invested during the last 2 years.

MTN Uganda launched its Mobile Network operations in 1998 and since inception MTN’s cumulative investment has been in excess of UGX 1.7 Trillion. In 2013, the company injected more than UGX 140 billion in upgrading the Network infrastructure and adding another 400Km of national fibre. By December 2013, MTN Uganda’s total Fibre infrastructure exceeded 3,200km.