Huawei Assists African Governments in Building a Better Connected Africa



Huawei, a global leading ICT solutions provider, yesterday attended the Innovation Africa Digital (IAD) Summit 2015 hosted in Vitoria Falls, Zimbabwe. As an official partner of the IAD Summit 2015, Huawei showcased its cutting-edge ICT solutions as well as its consumer devices. Best practices and international experience of rolling out National Broadband Networks (NBN) and LTE networks were presented by Huawei during workshops at the IAD Summit, in order to provide technological advises to the ICT planning in local African market.

“In line with the theme ‘Affordable Access’ of the IAD summit, Huawei is now building the telecom network infrastructure, including LTE networks for Zimbabwe, and bridging the digital divide by increasing network coverage and offering affordable devices,” said David Wang, Vice President of Huawei Eastern and Southern Africa, during his keynote speech at IAD 2015, “In order to build a better connected Africa, we look forward to closer cooperation with the government of Zimbabwe in terms of ICT planning and ICT skill transfer programs. We believe that the joint efforts between African governments and Huawei in ICT development will accelerate the progress of building a better connected Africa. Such practices have been implemented in other African countries. Huawei was chosen as the ICT advisor to the government of Kenya in 2014 and signed a MOU with the African Union for partnership in ICT in February of this year. ”

“ICT talents are important for the ICT development in Africa. Huawei is committed to cultivating ICT talents for Zimbabwe. In October, partnering with the Ministry of ICT,Postal and Courier Services,Huawei will implement our global CSR program “ Seeds for the future” in Zimbabwe. 10 Zimbabwean students will benefit from this program, and receive ICT trainings in Huawei headquarters in China.”

Huawei’s efforts in building a better connected Africa was acknowledged by the government of Zimbabwe. During a keynote at the summit, the Minister of ICT,Postal and Courier Services recognized Huawei as an ICT giant in the world, with the expertise and global deployment experience to provide affordable access in Zimbabwe.

The Innovation Africa Digital Summit 2015, one of the largest ICT gatherings in Africa, is organized by the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, and will run from April 14th to 16th. The summit attracts up to 500 participants, including policy makers, regulators, service providers and major end users from across Africa and the rest of the world, with an aim to provide essential support services to related shareholders, to improve ICT ecosystems and promote ICT industry development.