Hope Tusker Project Fame Season 7 Winner



25 year old, Performer and Jazz Singer, representing Burundi


“I can’t stand people who sing off key… ”


Out of all the people left in Tusker Project Fame 6, Hope is one of the few who knows that he has the star power that people like. The son of a pastor father and singer mum, Hope grew up in a family with 8 boys and 2 girls. The advantage that he has is that Hope has already performed with major East African names like Kidum, so he knows what it takes to play major stages. Finally taking his shot and stepping out of the shadows, Hope is taking the stage to find out if he came make it.


Q: What is the one thing you cannot do without?

A: My nylon string guitar and my plectrum.


Q: How far do you think you will get in this competition?

A: (laughing) I am winning this.


Q: Who is your music role model and why?

A: My role models are Frank Sinatra and Otis Redding. The old school big band sound is beautiful.


Q: Who is the past Tusker Project Fame houses did you like?

A: I liked Jackson Kalimba. He could really sing.

Fun Facts about Hope:

Hope is dating someone. She happens to be a former Tusker Project Fame contestant, but he refuses to reveal who it is.

Hope’s favourite colour is black.

Hope can be messy but can be neat.

Hope can be seen on the stage at the SERENA in Kigali, even though he is from Burundi.

Hope’s charity of choice, homeless people. Providing them a home… and a meal… and a livelihood.