Happy Sunday holds first ever Easter Flash Sale.



Happy Sunday held its first Easter Flash Sale in what promises to be a big hit of sales at every quarter of the year. Held at the Uganda Museum grounds, the sales saw a number of buyers and sellers come together to buy and sale everything they could at a price cap of Shs50,000. Although threatened by the weather, this didn’t stop people from dropping by after church service to buy something for themselves.

Among the items on sell included; arts and crafts, clothes, jewelry, baked foods, books and gym fitness services and many other things. There was also blood donation at the sale where many people were able to donate blood to the Red Cross service team.

Speaking at the sale, the Happy Sunday proprietor Sumaya Kiwanuka, said; “This is the start of a new trend in Kampala and I hope as we go we can expand and have more people take part in this sale. We have had a lot of support from many sellers and all the well-wishers. Happy Sunday plans on holding a grand sale every year’s quarter and with this we can connect as many people as possible at an affordable price cap of 50K”

Happy Sunday is giving sellers an opportunity to break out and introduce their brands to a large market. Happy Sunday is envisioned to be the next shopper’s fixture in Uganda which will capitalize on different themes so as to give consumers an exciting Buy, sale, experience. Be there and have a memorable Sunday.