Google Zeitgeist Young Minds Winners; 5 From Africa



Google has released  Zeitgeist Young Minds, winners. Of the 10 inspiring young people selected from around the world 5 are from Africa. (call it the Africa wow momentJ)

The winners as per the Google announcement are:

·  Ada Umeofia, 19 from Nigeria WeBuilt: Africa is a design-centered social enterprise that redesigns and constructs market stalls for poverty-stricken Africans by recycling found building materials in slums. View the video:

·  Joel Mwale, 19 from Kenya Skydrop Enterprise Inc has brought safe drinking water to a community of 5,000 and has become a profitable enterprise from selling bottled water across Kenya and Uganda. View the video:

·  Jordan Ridge, 23 from South Africa Made by Mosaic is a job creation project for women in South Africa addressing the challenges of economic development in the townships. View the video:

·  Sibusiso Tshabalala, 20 from South Africa Developed reading clubs and a library renovation programme in South Africa to encourage critical thinking and thoughtful debate within local high schools. View the video:

·  Simeon Oriko, 23 from Kenya The Kuyu Project trains school children on how to use social media for social change and promotes digital literacy. View the video:

We congratulate the winners and we take very keen interest in Simeon Oriko, The Kuyu Project.  Uganda needs similar initiatives to enlighten schools children about social media and the massive benefits it comes with.  We hope some creative young mind in Uganda will pick a leaf.