Eastern Uganda tops 2013 Madhvani Foundation scholarships



  • 152 students awarded a total of 650 million
  • 53 from the east, 42 from central, 31 from the north and 26 from the west

The results are out! Over 150 university students are set to benefit from the Madhvani Foundation scholarships this academic year following an announcement releasing the list of candidates who successfully passed their recent interviews.

The Chairman of the Scholarship committee Mr Anthony Butele said, The Madhvani Foundation Board is pleased to announce the beneficiaries of the 2013/14 academic year for scholarships at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. “We have been impressed by the commitment shown by these students to their education despite the challenges that they face and would like to support them in their educational development. The 152 students from across the country will benefit from Ushs 650 million that was announced earlier this year as we celebrated 10 years since the scholarship scheme was re-launched in 2003. The Foundation would like to express its continued commitment to Uganda’s educational and economic development.”

Commenting on the demographic distribution of the scholarships Mr. SKI Iyengar, the Board Secretary said “The Foundation has awarded 135 undergraduate and 17 postgraduate scholarships to students from across the country. Our analysis indicates an 11% increase in beneficiaries from Eastern Uganda between 2012/13 and 2013/14 making them the highest recipients of this year’s awards with 53 slots (representing 35% of the total). Recipients from Central region came in second with 42 slots, Northern region with 31 slots and Western region which had the most slots last year got 26 positions this year.” He continued “the male students continued to dominate the list against their female counterparts however, it should be noted that there is no formula to these results and as such cannot be pre-determined. The selection process was very transparent and no incidences of lobbying have been reported.”

Applicants of the 2013/14 scholarships should check the website www.madhvanifoundation.com or print media for the list of beneficiaries. The successful candidates are advised to collect their letters of award from the foundation headquarters at East African Distributors Ltd, 5th street industrial area from Monday 2nd September. 

In conclusion Mr. Butele congratulated all the beneficiaries of the scholarship and encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunity they have been given, by studying hard so they can be successful in their studies and become productive members of Ugandan society.

Madhvani Foundation scholarships will return next academic year 2014-2015 seeking support financially challenged but brilliant Ugandan undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

2013 - 2014 Madhvani Foundation scholarships