Crown Beverages Limited cuts soda prices by 17%



Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Pepsi 330ml pack prices down by 200

Crown Beverages Limited, a leading soft drinks bottler in Uganda, has reduced its retail price for the 330ml pack size by Shs200 from Shs 1,200 to Shs1, 000, in an effort to make their products more affordable for their customers.

According to Jeff Sekandi, CBL’s Head of Marketing, this move is intended to ensure CBL customers continue enjoying the company’s quality brands including; Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Cola, amidst increasing standards of living.

“We understand the need for our clients to consume our products, but we also understand the macro factors affecting the economy. The cost of living is high and yet the expenditure is constant if not increasing. So, in putting those considerations together we have decided to cut down on the soda prices to help our clients enjoy our products,” said Sekandi.

“We did the same in May for the 500ml, we cut the prices from shs1700 to shs1500. We have decided to do it for the 330ml as well. It is also worth noting that these price cuts are for a promotional period only.” Sekandi added.

Mr Sekandi, however, noted that the price cuts will not be applicable to any other pack size and returnable glass bottles.

330ml packs in Mountain Dew, Mirinda and Pepsi are available in all shops, supermarkets and dukas countrywide.