British Airways started its fourth flight service today with remarkable discounted fares.



British Airways is offering remarkable discount fares to mark its fourth flight per week which commenced today from Entebbe to London Heathrow Terminal 5.

The airline has offered discounted fares from Entebbe to London across its World traveller and World traveller Plus cabin classes where the cheapest ticket for World traveler will cost as low as $144 USD; and World traveller plus $344.

Announcing the development in a press statement today, Faith Chaitezvi British Airways Commercial Manager said, “British Airways is celebrating with all our customers during the launch of the increased flight services between Heathrow’s and Entebbe International Airports from three to four a week. We appreciate our customers’ loyalty and we endeavor to meet their demand as it grows. The booking period for the amazing fares was originally scheduled  between 26 March and 1 April, but because we feel that our customers deserve a world class service which is cost saving too, we have extended this period to 4th April for outbound travel from 26 March to 20th June or 1 September and 20 November 2014”.

British Airways is also maintaining it’s night time departures to improve connections at Terminal 5 to other international destinations including North America, where there is a choice of British Airways or American Airlines flights nearly every hour. 

Prices exclude all taxes and surcharges but may vary slightly on the day of purchase due to exchange rate fluctuations.