British Airways Inaugurates Book To Curb Flight Nerves




A new book, based on British Airways’ course for nervous flyers has been launched today. The book will help thousands of customers conquer their fears and also address a number of areas of concern including how an aircraft operates, turbulence and give advice from clinical psychologists including relaxation techniques.

The book, co-written by British Airways’ pilot Captain Steve Allright, takes information from the airline’s one-day Flying with Confidence course which has helped more than 45,000 people over the past 25 years.

In this book,Captain Allright shares his top 10 tips from the forthcoming book asking travellers to, “Remember that turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous. It is a perfectly normal part of flying caused by nature. Learn to control your breathing. When you feel anxious, hold your breath, then take a long deep breath in, followed by a long deep breath out. Continue long deep breathing. Combine the deep breath in with a muscle contraction.

He further advises that “Clenching your buttocks is most effective, as it overrides other nervous signals going up and down your spinal cord. Aircrafts like to be in the air and are designed to be in the air. Pilots and cabin crew like to be in the air also which means it is a very normal and safe environment for them to be in.”

In reaction to the book, Faith Chaitezvi Country Commercial Manager said, “The existence of this book will relieve very many people who experience flight frights on board. This mostly happens because people can’t imagine being so high in the air so far away from the ground with nothing to fall back to. This book simplifies the process of flying and will surely boost passengers’ confidence in the air.”

She cited that, “Pilots undergo a rigorous selection procedure and are one of the most highly trained and tested professions on earth. They are subjected to simulator tests every six months. Commercial aircrafts are incredibly well maintained, and checked before every flight by pilots and engineers. Routine maintenance is conducted at regular, specified intervals by licensed engineers. Air traffic controllers are trained and licensed professionals operatingunder a very strict set of rules which they must abide by while in the air.”

British Airways’ Captain Allright concluded; “As pilots, we want every customer to have a safe and enjoyable flight. We understand that flying can be a daunting prospect for some and hope that British Airways’ Flying with confidence course and book can help to alleviate those concerns.”