Battle of the Suburbs: Comparing Property Prices in Kampala



Suburbs in the capital go head-to-head for the cost of real estate


Are you on the hunt for real estate in Uganda, but cannot decide where to buy? From the most affluent districts to more affordable locations, different areas of the capital cater to different budgets.


To help house-hunters choose the best location to suit their needs – and their wallet – leading property portal Lamudi Uganda has compiled a guide to the city’s real estate price trends. This battle of the suburbs reveals which suburbs offer the best value for money – and which are more suited for those looking for a more luxurious lifestyle.


Lamudi Uganda’s Country Manager Shakib Nsubuga said: “The biggest thing right now for a house-hunter is to get a good location that is worth the investment. The prices say it all about the area. For example, the price of an apartment in Najeera will not be the same as that in Kololo. This difference is usually attributed to a number of factors such as what amenities can be found in a location and its accessibility.”


Kololo vs Naalya

Kololo is the most expensive location in Kampala by far, with land going for as much as $1,500,000 for an acre, houses for sale going for as much as $56,000 and rentals for $2,500 per month. The fact that this is a highly sought-after residential area with good access to malls, schools, hospitals, offices and other amenities has pushed up prices in the suburb. This neighborhood is also home to embassies and residences for dignitaries, which makes it a high security area.


At the opposite end of the scale, Naalya is just outside the city center but, with the construction of the Kampala Northern bypass, travelling to and from this area has become easier and more convenient for people who live here. Buying and renting in this area is cheaper than Kololo because there are many apartments and more are being constructed, meaning prices are competitive. Naalya is an up-and-coming suburb with various schools and other amenities. An apartment in this area can go for as low as $350.


Naguru vs Bweyogerere

Behind Kololo, Naguru is the second most expensive suburb in the city. The area is sought-after by many investors and property-buyers because it is accessible and also has good connections to other areas.  An apartment in this area can be rented for $2,500.

Bweyogerere, another location that just outside the city center, has some of the cheapest properties in Kampala. A plot of land in this suburb can be bought for as low as $500, while a rental can go as low as $200. The fact that this suburb is approximately 20 minutes from the city center without traffic means it is more affordable than  Naguru, which has the advantage of being nearer to the center.