Barbz and Prezzo Fight, Esperanca Wants Exit, Crushes in the House



Barbz and Prezzo had a little bitter exchange after Prezzo referred to Barbz as “Miss Mademoiselle” and “Tyra Banks” to which Barbz didn’t take kindly. Prezo in his words said that “She doesn’t know me, if she pushes me, she’ll see me,” Prezzo told Goldie. He added that the words “sorry” and “I love you” don’t come easy for him so there was no way he would apologize to Barbz. “If it’s US $300 000 she wants, she must talk to me nicely and I’ll hook her up,” he said about Barbz.

Is Prezzo Mr Money Bags? Does he even need or want the US $300 000?

Wants Exit?

Angola’s Esperanca volunteered to exit Big Brother StarGame due to personal issues. Biggie gave Esperanca 24 hours to rethink her decision and suggested that she gets the other Housemates’ views on her decision.

Will she change her mind? Shall we miss her if she goes? Let us wait to see if she sticks with this decision by the end of the 24 hours.

Who has a Crush on Who?

There is rumour that Keagan has a crush on Eve. Will Junia pursue things with Ola or will she go back to Alex and Malonza?  Will Keagan pursue anything with Eve?  It could be early to tell but something could be cooking.

“Stupid Idiot” are some of the words people online are using to describe Esperanca following her want to exit Big Brother House. What it inevitably means is that her Angola partner Seydou will have to exit the house as Biggie made it clear that this is a “Pair Game”…your partner can and will mess you as we see already. How do you describe Esperanca?????? and this situation?