Airtel Uganda offers support to Girls in Technology



Airtel Uganda and ThoughtWorks came into partnership to offer support to Uganda’s young talented women in technology. This was during the second edition of the “Girl Geek Dinner” in Kampala that took place at Fairway Hotel.

Girl Geek Dinner is an informal organization that promotes women in the Information Technology industry. It has 64 established chapters in 23 countries and it was founded in London, United Kingdom in August 2005 by Sarah Lamb, who was tired of being the only woman at technical events.

The women technology practitioners get together to share and learn from each over dinner. While the event is open primarily to women, men can only attend as guests of women attendees or as speakers.

Under the theme; “Inspire a lady”, Airtel pledged to support more women who are technology enthusiasts and are willing to go a mile further to discover their ambitions. The dinner attracted a gathering of over 100 girls in the technology industry and at university.

Speaking at the event, Christine Ampaire, founder of Girl Geek Kampala said; “There is room and plenty of opportunities for girls in technology. The numbers of women in technology is growing every day and we need to encourage other ladies to join us. Find what you love and do it.”

Airtel offers internship programs and other related support to ladies with interest in technology and they promised to offer more support to girls with interests.

Arindam Chakrabarty, Airtel Managing Director said; “Today, the technology sector has grown diversely and we hope that the ladies in the Girl Geek organization are also encouraging their fellow girls to join and be part of this boom.This partnership is a testament of Airtel’s commitment to the Girl Geek Dinner and creating solutions for the technology industry in Uganda. We are honoured and proud to be a partner in this initiative. It is a phenomenal achievement for the technology community. “