Airtel Money Launches New Partnership with MOGAS



  • All MOGAS products and services to be accessed using Airtel Money
  • 38MOGAS stations across Uganda are now Airtel Money outlets

Airtel Uganda and MOGAShave officially unveiled their new partnership that allows customers to pay for any MOGAS products and services using Airtel Money attheir 38 stations across Uganda.

Airtel Uganda has continued to be at the forefront of innovation, especially when it comes to their Airtel money platform which has undergone numerous transformations to ensure that it remains safe as well as affordable for all the Airtel Uganda customers.With innovations such as; sending and receiving money across networks, Airtel Money ATM withdrawals, Bank integration, bill payments with Airtel money, Airtime topping up using Airtel Money and now this MOGAS partnership, Airtel has always had the interests of their customers at heart and has managed to cater to all of them despite their different locations and economic activities.

With the new Airtel – MOGAS partnership, Airtel subscribers will havethe ability to pay for fuel and other services offered at MOGASpetrol stationsfrom their mobile phones, using Airtel Money at no extra cost, other than the cost of sending the money as per the Airtel money tariffs.

Speaking at the event,Airtel Money Director – Mr. Nuhu Kanyike said he was confident that Airtel subscribers in Uganda will embrace and enjoy this new service. “We are very excited to partner with MOGAS as we introduce this payment method. At Airtel, we put our customers first and partnering with well-established and constantly growing companies such as MOGASto ease and improve their lives is testament to that.”

Mr. Partha Ghosh, the Managing Director of MOGASdescribed the Airtel partnership as an opportunity for MOGAS to satisfy their customer needs by offering them the convenience of using the Airtel Money platform. “We believe that to continue growing and expanding, we have to make alliances with other companies that are at the top of the industries they operate in; Airtel is one of those companies,” he said.  “This is why this partnership with Airtel Uganda is very important to us,” he added.